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This section we post all of the English manuals and guides we got hands on. If you made or got any DIY guides or manuals and want to share it with all on Volvosweden you can post it in a thread or mail it to . Here we save all of the English guides. If you got a new guide pls post it in a new threadthumpsup. In this thread we post all the guides we get on English for every model and year.

Volvo 850 DIY How to guides and manuals
A English DIY on how to change Timing Belt on Volvo 850 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/g...%20PDF.pdf

Repair Electrical Speedometer on the Volvo 740 and 940 series. This guide shows you how to diagnose and fix faults like bad solder , capacitors and much more on the speedometer. This PDF guide, you can download from the forum download page.

Guide that addresses all aspects of the Volvo 740 760 and 940 instrument cluster lighting and lamps. And a lot of troubleshooting advice regarding the electrical system on these models .

How to make a timing belt change on Volvo 740 and 940. How to replace timing belt. This DIY guide also include how to replace the tensioner roller

How to reconditioning a B6244, B6254, B6304 engine. This engines sits in Volvo 900 series from year 1991 to 1995.

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