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Does your car make a clunck when you start driving or jumps between gear changes? If so you might have a bad transmission mount. Since the replacement is easy you should be able to do it yourself at home using a jack, 14mm wrench, 12mm wrench and a 17mm wrench.
I apologize for the low quality of the pictures, I had to use my phone to take the pictures.
Before you buy the new mount, go under the car and examine at the end of the transmission, which mount you have. There are different mounts, so here are the diagrams for different gearboxes, it should be a round mount OR a square one.


AW70, AW71 AW70, AW71, AW72:

Automatic transmission ZF22:

I have the M46 square mount (number 9, part number 1328900)

The principle is the same for changing mounts:

1) Put a jack with a wooden board under the gearbox so it would support it when you remove the crossmember, you don´t have to jack the gearbox in to the sky, it may cause damage.


2) Break loose the two 12mm bolts holding the rubber mount as it is easyer doing this when the crossmember is attached to the car

3) Remove the 17mm nut holding the transmission to the rubber mount

4) Remove all of the four 14mm bolts holding the crossmember to the car and remove the crossmember with the mount


5) Remove the old mount, clean the place where the new mount will sit, insert new mount(I believe it doesn´t matter which way you put the new mount in) and tighten the 12mm bolts

6) Place the crossmember on the car (the crossmember is asymmetrical, so you can´t put it in the wrong way), tighten the four 14 mm bolts and tighten the 17mm nut holding the transmission to the mount

7) Lower the jack and retighten the 17mm nut if necessary

Now you should be done, If you want extra security, you can use thread locker glue on the bolts.

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